“ What is now proved was once only imagined. “The world is changing, and so are we. This decade brought us possibilities that we had never imagined. Imaginations became realities, and with reality came problems and reasoning. We stand today with problems not just in innovation but in intent, not only in development but in sustaining them. With that in mind, CESS Nepal is proud to announce one of the first-ever National Level Ideathon on Technology for Sustainable Development and Prosperous Nepal.

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You have an Idea. It’s Innovative. You don’t know how the Idea is going to work. Nobody knows. You always wanted to work on it, work around it and put it to the test. You tried to make it big. You need resources. You need a platform to take it forward, which is what Ideathon is all about. The competition is not just about recognizing the ideas but taking them to the next level to motivate them towards entrepreneurship and bring a revolution in young minds about self-dependency.