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Attention civil engineering students at Pulchowk Campus! Are you ready to put your skills to the test and showcase your innovative ideas? CESS-NEPAL and the Department of Civil Engineering are hosting a BE Model Design Competition at our upcoming exhibition, with an exciting prize pool.

Teams are requested to submit their abstracts for further selection. The top five teams will be selected to represent Pulchowk Campus in the intercollege model competition. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your talents and make your mark in the field of civil engineering. Let’s create something amazing together!

The students from fourth year who are willing to mentor the juniors and help them in this endeavor are requested to fill in the forms for mentorship.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 24th Poush

For teams

For mentors

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Sustainably Talked Coming Soon!

Sustainably Talked! is a new initiative of CESS-Nepal where expertise from different backgrounds (Entrepreneurs and Corporate Workers) working in construction and environmental issues come together and discuss current national and global issues.

It is a series of events, workshops and seminars which allow young engineering minds to learn about the pressing global and local issues in environment, and by participating in the interactive spaces allows the attendees to gain insight into what problems there exist and how to tackle in sustainable manner.

Human activities, such as the exploration of construction materials, the construction of settlements and infrastructure, disposal of waste, are linked to the environment through a large number of complex interaction mechanisms. In turn, natural phenomena can pose dangers to human activity and life. On this basis, this initiative is taken to aware about strategies and measures to steer their impact in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable direction

A Talk Series on Abroad Study After BE

Calling all aspiring engineers! Are you ready to take your education to the next level and embark on a journey of global discovery?

Then join us for a talk series on abroad study after BE. Hear from our own successful alumni about the benefits and challenges of studying abroad and learn how to choose the right program and navigate the process of living and learning in a new country. This is your chance to explore your options and kick-start your international education journey – DON’T MISS IT!

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Call for Articles for The Bridge Magazine 2079

You all lead distinct yet beautiful lives; thus, you all have tales to tell, sentiments to express, verses to recite, and issues to discuss. So, grab a pen and jot down your thoughts. It won’t be a word you’ll write; rather, it will be an “aperture” for the world to peep through and a “tremor” to jolt the world with your thoughts and beliefs.”The Bridge”, a yearly magazine published by the CESS-Nepal Editorial Team, provides a platform for your authorship. Our magazine is looking for your original writings, including poems, stories, essays, monologues, etc. Send us your creation both Nepali and English at “thebridgecess@gmail.com”.

Happening Today: Theme Release & Event Announcement

As winter comes and the old leaves shed to make way for new, greener leaves, the arrival of AADHAR 2079 is upon us to pave a path for a brand-new theme and exciting events along with the annual exhibition here at Pulchowk Campus. They say the first impression counts, so we at CESS-Nepal are very excited to make a memorable one with the Theme Release and Event Announcement happening today at Library Hall. So, be sure to show up to get a glance of what it holds and kickstart the mega event AADHAR 2079

Theme Release & Event Announcement

We hear about a lot of excited chatter going on around the campus regarding the “big reveal”. Well, the day is finally upon us!

The CESS-Nepal team will be announcing the theme for the AADHAR 2079. So, join in with us for the big reveal, and know just what to expect from this big event. This is your chance to know about the event, prepare a checklist of the pre-events beforehand, and know your way around the main event.

And what better way to announce the theme in the presence of Chiri Babu Maharjan, the mayor of the very city the event is taking place in.

Hoping to see you all in Library Hall this Wednesday!