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The Female Face of Civil Engineering Registrations !!!

Who do you picture when you think of a civil engineer? Did you picture a woman in the profession? Nepal, with 51% female population, apparently has not been competent enough to provide as many opportunities and attention as required to achieve equity. With this in mind, CESS Nepal brings you the talk show “The Female Face of Civil Engineering” where we will be discussing about the opportunities for girls in Civil Engineering.So here we would like to introduce you to our reputed guests who will be sharing their experiences and the challenges they have been facing along their journey. Therefore, to all the female engineering students, aspirants and engineers, mark your calendar for the 10th of July cause CESS Nepal will show you the Female Face of Civil Engineering.Register Here: https://forms.gle/KHv4p4AyQnMebhxE7


Man has two great gifts:
‘Words’ to give sound to thoughts, and ‘Writing’ to give meaning to thoughts.
Living beings have sense of pain, joy, hardship or victory but humans are blessed with ability to express it using CREATIVITY.
Writing gives thoughts crossing our mind a life and writers live it.
CESS Editorial Team brings you “The Bridge”, an annual magazine that gives a platform to your creative writings. Our magazine with the motive of giving wings to your thoughts is calling for your creative writings; may be poems, stories, essays, monologues etc.
Upload your article here: https://bit.ly/3wq2A5P

Ms-project Training classes !!!

CESS Nepal, with the help from the Department of Civil Engineering, Pulchwok Campus is conducting a training session of MS Project from Wednesday, 30th of June 2021.The students currently in the 7th semester and in the Masters of the campus are welcome to this training session.The link for the session will be sent directly to the emails.