Introducing our Mentors for Ideathon – Aadhar 79

The following teams have been selected for grand finals of Ideathon. To all the teams who participated, we want to wish them for their future endeavours. Kudos to all!

Catergory : Alternative Energy
1. Prabardhan
2. Alternators

Category : Sustainable Transportation and Smart Cities
1. Predators
2. Smart Counters

Category : Sustainable Building Materials and Structural Systems
1. Amrit Bhetuwal and Team
2. 3P1C

Category : Water Resource Management
1. Team Liquid Snow
2. Team Spring

Our mentors for Ideathon are:-

a) Ram Hari Dhakal for Alternate Energy.
b) Er.Ashok Dhakal for Sustainable Transportation and Smart Cities.
c) Prof.Dr.Gokarna Bd. Motra for Sustainable Building Materials and Structural Systems.
d) Mahesh Neupane for Water Resource Management.