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Introducing our Mentors for Ideathon – Aadhar 79

The following teams have been selected for grand finals of Ideathon. To all the teams who participated, we want to wish them for their future endeavours. Kudos to all!

Catergory : Alternative Energy
1. Prabardhan
2. Alternators

Category : Sustainable Transportation and Smart Cities
1. Predators
2. Smart Counters

Category : Sustainable Building Materials and Structural Systems
1. Amrit Bhetuwal and Team
2. 3P1C

Category : Water Resource Management
1. Team Liquid Snow
2. Team Spring

Our mentors for Ideathon are:-

a) Ram Hari Dhakal for Alternate Energy.
b) Er.Ashok Dhakal for Sustainable Transportation and Smart Cities.
c) Prof.Dr.Gokarna Bd. Motra for Sustainable Building Materials and Structural Systems.
d) Mahesh Neupane for Water Resource Management.


“ What is now proved was once only imagined. “The world is changing, and so are we. This decade brought us possibilities that we had never imagined. Imaginations became realities, and with reality came problems and reasoning. We stand today with problems not just in innovation but in intent, not only in development but in sustaining them. With that in mind, CESS Nepal is proud to announce one of the first-ever National Level Ideathon on Technology for Sustainable Development and Prosperous Nepal.

You can register your team at: https://forms.gle/ztP73MWaEcDay3FX7

You can find proposal, themes and guidelines at:
Ideathon Proposal: https://bit.ly/3CNSrWw
Themes for this Ideathon: https://bit.ly/3kf49D2
Guidelines for Abstract Submission: https://bit.ly/3w50kTK

You have an Idea. It’s Innovative. You don’t know how the Idea is going to work. Nobody knows. You always wanted to work on it, work around it and put it to the test. You tried to make it big. You need resources. You need a platform to take it forward, which is what Ideathon is all about. The competition is not just about recognizing the ideas but taking them to the next level to motivate them towards entrepreneurship and bring a revolution in young minds about self-dependency.

Getting into Research

Modern day education incorporates not only academic aspect, but it equally prioritizes research, experiments, and practical knowledge.

Recognizing the increased zeal for research on various subjects and areas from students of the department, CESS Nepal team is trying to facilitate an easier transition to research-based learning approach. In order to do so, we are organizing a talk show delivered by Pulchowk Campus alumni who have excelled in their field and have had a good research experience.

Make sure to join us to get valuable guidance, tips, and information regarding how to get started with research and to know about what lies ahead.

Register now: https://forms.gle/MSYNVRCymBRyTzyp6

IOE Poetry Champ 4.0

जहाँ पुग्दैन रवि, त्यहाँ पुग्छ कवि |

A saying we are so familiar with that it has often served as a muse to fellow writers and poets. Poetry: A medium through which one can express the emotions from within each nook and corner of their being, and ignite a spark into the reader/ listener, thus creating a pristine scenario within a blanket of creativity.

CESS-Nepal brings forth an opportunity for fellow poets to find out what or who their muse is, and come up with a piece of work so intact that it creates a bond between the writer and the reader or listener. Through IOE Poetry Champ 4.0, you can make yourself be heard, express your true emotions, and create.

Do not miss your chance at this immaculate event during the exhibition.

The following rules of participation have been set: https://drive.google.com/…/1i1FKmFGMVmwE…/view

You can register through this link as well: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSeZ8Oow…/formrestricted

Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” —Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel You know what to do!

Paper Bridge Competition

The moment has finally arrived! The challenge that will put your engineering skills to the ultimate test! Join us for the AADHAR 2079 Paper Bridge Competition and let’s see if your creation can withstand the weight of greatness! Will your bridge be the one that stands tall, or will it crumble under pressure? The fate of your bridge rests in your hands! Register here: bit.ly/PaperBridgeRegistration

Get Inspired

In the 21st century world that clouds your vision with the paradox of choices and dimensions, do you feel overwhelmed? Does the uncertainty of the path you have chosen overwhelm you?


CESS- Nepal has got you covered. We bring to you a brand-new talk series, “GET INSPIRED! ” that will feature trailblazers from different fields who will share their inspirational journeys, experiences, and stories first hand with you.

For the very first episode of the series, we are thrilled to be hosting our own alumna, Ms. Shikshita Bhandari.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Pulchowk Campus in 2020.Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the prestigious Stanford University, USA. She looks forward to working on projects related to hydrology, ocean modeling, water resources planning and management, climate models, geohazards, and resilient infrastructures.

Tune in this Friday, sharp at 8:30 pm on our platform to connect with her. You will definitely go back with a renewed insight on how to get where you envision yourself.

Platform: Zoom / Facebook Livestream

CESS Basketball Tournament

Are you ready to unleash the inner Jordan in you? Can you channel your inner LeBron and guide your team to the championship. Are you brave enough to give it all on the court and make every sweat count?

If yes, then the CESS Basketball Tournament is just right for you. CESS Nepal brings forth the basketball tournament that tests your mental presence, physical strength, team play, determination, and skills. This is your chance to show us what you got! #aadhar2079 #CESSNepal #technology