Weekly Quiz Mania

Hellloooo guys! It’s time to turn on your spidey-senses and prepare to put your intellect and agility to use on the battlefield. Yes, you heard that right. CESS-Nepal is organizing a WEEKLY QUIZ MANIA in collaboration with Aakhyaan Academy. ANYONE can participate FREE of cost. This event will be an entertaining as well as knowledgeable platform with engagement from nationwide participants. We have exciting prizes for the winners and a guarantee of fun for the participants. Soo…. eat up your GK books while you can. The first game starts this Saturday at 8pm.
1) Prize for a single week winner:
1st: Rs 500
2nd: Rs 300
3rd: Rs 200

2) Consecutive 3 time winner:
Loksewa/GRE preparation books (for bachelor students),
Entrance preparation books (for +2 students) plus MAGIC BOX3)Overall 3 time plus winner: – CESS T-shirt,Aakhyaan T-shirt plus MAGIC BOXSubmit your responses through the form provided below: https://forms.gle/pduk7tp25isBGGYp9

Detailed information will be provided to you via emails.

Supported by: Aakhyaan Academy

Technical Partner: NREN

GIS Training and a Short Introduction to Remote Sensing

Training Course Syllabus

Introduction and Overview of GIS and Software

  1. Definition of a GIS features and functions
  2. GIS as an Information System
  3. Introduction to QGIS interface
  4. Download GIS data of Nepal and create map (Practice)

Map Projections and Coordinate Systems

  1. Creating GIS Maps
  2. Map projections
  3. Coordinate systems
  4. Coordinate transformation (Practice)

Spatial Data Models

  1. Concept of data model
  2. Raster data model
  3. Vector data model
  4. Using Vector analysis tools (practice)
  5. Using Raster analysis tools (practice)
  6. Create Map Atlas

Data Sources

  1. GIS data sources
  2. GIS Data Creation (practice)
    • Image Georeferencing (Practice)
    • Creating vector data from image (practice)

Data formats

  1. Vector data formats
  2. Raster data formats

Short Introduction to Database for GIS (Concept only)

  1. Database concepts and components
  2. Geopackage as database
  3. PostgreSQL and PostGIS

Surface Model

  1. DEM
  2. Terrain variables (slope, aspect, hillshade etc)
  3. Other raster functions.

River Network Generation (Theory and Practice)

  1. Flow direction
  2. Flow accumulation
  3. River network and watershed boundary delineation.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

  1. Basic concept of GPS
  2. Errors in GPS
  3. Apapplication of GNSS.

Short Introduction to Remote Sensing

  1. Concept of remote sensing
  2. Dowloading RS data
  3. RS analysis practice

QGIS Training Session

QGIS provides all of the tools, professionals require to organize and retrieve information from images and remotely sensed data. It contains visualization,analysis capabilities and access to the world’s most extensive imagery library. Engineers, geologists, and data scientists all use QGIS software to map and organize geographic data. In light of this, CESS- Nepal, Pulchowk Campus is pleased to provide a 22-hour QGIS Training session led by Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Karn.(Teaching GIS and Remote Sensing (MS Disaster Risk Management and BE Elective – III)

Registration is open until November 5 at 8 P.M. The training session will begin on November 6, from 6 P.M. until 8 P.M. The cost per individual would be Rs. 400.

A verifiable certification of participation will be provided to the students by the Department after the completion of classes and submission of assigned projects.

Submit your responses through the form provided below: https://forms.gle/LP7cVWpa4WZ1Xtg96

For more information, students can contact:Ashish Ojha (984481617)Sundar Mani Bhattarai (9840459750)(*ONLY FOR STUDENTS OF PULCHOWK CAMPUS. FUNDS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE IN CASE OF REGISTRATION BY OUTSIDE STUDENTS)

Local Conference of Youth 2022

The true goal of civil engineering is taking development and the conservation of environment hand in hand. So it is of utmost importance for civil engineering students to be involved in policy making platforms that deal with environment conservation.

Considering that, CESS-Nepal is glad to present “Local Conference of Youth (LCOY),2022” as a YOUNGO event with the rationale of influencing young people to take climate action at the local, national, or regional levels.

LCOY is a conference that falls under the purview of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Its objectives are to serve as a forum for advancing young people in climate policy making nationally and yielding contributions for worldwide conferences.

This call for applications is a beginning step for you if you value environment, biodiversity, and are worried about climate changes. This could be a perfect opportunity to interact and communicate with other students, experts, and climate change advocates.

Interested individuals can join the event digitally through Zoom in October 28 and 29, in order to reach and engage individuals from all around Nepal.Join us for the two-day LCOY Nepal virtual session to take part and contribute to a greater good.

Date: October 28 and 29.Time: 11 A.M

Submit your responses through the form provided here: Click Here

हार्दिक शुभकामना ।।

महालक्ष्मी नमस्तुभ्यं नमस्तुभ्यं सुरेश्वरी ।
हरी प्रिये नमस्तुभ्यं नमस्तुभ्यं दयानिधे ।।

देश विदेशमा रहनुभएका ईष्टमित्र,दाजुभाई, दिदीबहिनी आमाबुबा,गुरुवर्ग, साथीहरू सबैलाई CESS-Nepal परिवारको तर्फबाट शुभ दीपावली/ तिहार / भाइटिका २०७९ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दछौँ । सबैको घरघरमा सुख र समृद्धि छाओस् सप्तरङ्गी टीकाझै जीवन रंगीन बनोस्लक्ष्मी माताको सधै कृपा बनिरहोस् ।

हार्दिक शुभकामना ।।

Completion of AutoCAD Training Session

We are happy to report that CESS-Nepal’s 7-day AutoCAD training session, which was overseen by Asst. Prof. Gopal Singh Bhandari, has been a success. In our class, we had more than 90 enrolled pupils.We want to express our gratitude to Gopal Sir for giving us his time and effort. We also appreciate the coordination and concern received from everyone during the process. A special thanks goes out to the Department of Civil Engineering at the Pulchowk Campus for working with CESS-Nepal to organize an AutoCAD training session.Each student will receive a certified Certificate of Course Completion after submitting their project.Thank you everyone, for your support!

Editorial Team – 2079

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.”Keeping this in mind, We are pleased to announce that we found the best candidates for our long-lasting positions of CESS NEPAL EDITORIAL TEAM, working under the Editor in Chief, Nishchal Nath Sigdel. We have decided to bring the new members to the team as their knowledge matches and exceeds the requirements for the role. The team will work together to shape your works of literature and help to publish them.Congratulation and best wishes to all!

AutoCAD Training Session

Drawing, language of imagination for civil engineers.It can be compared to weapons of soldiers, pen for poets or knife for surgeons. It is an art to express the creativity and idea and shape into concrete structure. CESS-Nepal with the motive of being light into this path of imagining and shaping structures presents `AutoCAD TRAINING SESSION´.

Starting Date: Sunday 16 October onwards (5:30 PM-7:30 PM daily)

Platform : Google Meet

Trainer : Asst. Prof. Gopal Singh Bhandari

Let’s sketch our creativity! A verifiable certification of participation will be provided to the students by the department after the completion of classes and submission of assigned projects.

The syllabus for the training session can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3SXsSZd

For more information: Prabesh Sah(9819929399) Keshav Dhami(9863946738)


Loksewa After B.E.

Career options and opportunities are quite puzzling. Confusions like is it the one, where should I begin with, am I on right track and depth crosses the mind of every LOKSEWA Aspirant.
CESS Nepal, trying to be the helping hand in solving this puzzle brings
Clamphook presents LOKSEWA AFTER B.E.
to you, all as a pre-event of Ambe Steels – AADHAR 2078 to ensure your smooth transition from a civil engineering student to a civil engineer.
Date: 28th of Poush, Wednesday
Time: 3:20pm
Venue: F Hall
For more information,
Aadarsha Adhikari (9846856230)
Bibek Panthi (9867750010)
“आधार- समुन्नत भविष्यका लागि”

Python For Civil Engineers !!

CESS-NEPAL, acknowledging the importance of Python in civil engineering, brings you a four days long training workshop as a pre-event of Ambe Steels presents AADHAR 2078.
General Overview of the course:

  1. 4 days long(an hour a day)
  2. Problems from Applied Mechanics, Theory of Structures, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  3. Language coverage:
  • python basics
  • sympy
  • matplotlib
  • scipy
    Starting Date: Sunday, 9th Jan 2022 (25th of Poush 2078)
    Time- 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    Register Here: https://bit.ly/CESSPythonWorkshop
    For any queries, contact
    Nelson Kandel