IOE Poetry Champ 4.0

जहाँ पुग्दैन रवि, त्यहाँ पुग्छ कवि |

A saying we are so familiar with that it has often served as a muse to fellow writers and poets. Poetry: A medium through which one can express the emotions from within each nook and corner of their being, and ignite a spark into the reader/ listener, thus creating a pristine scenario within a blanket of creativity.

CESS-Nepal brings forth an opportunity for fellow poets to find out what or who their muse is, and come up with a piece of work so intact that it creates a bond between the writer and the reader or listener. Through IOE Poetry Champ 4.0, you can make yourself be heard, express your true emotions, and create.

Do not miss your chance at this immaculate event during the exhibition.

The following rules of participation have been set:…/1i1FKmFGMVmwE…/view

You can register through this link as well:…/1FAIpQLSeZ8Oow…/formrestricted

Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” —Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel You know what to do!